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Hey guys!

In order to promote Desert Rain and spread awareness on the world of Isavoire, an art contest is being held by :iconbenji-blacksky: and myself.

By submitting either an illustration of your own Isavoirean character chosen from one of the races below. You can then submit it to the Character Design Contest folder origin-organization.deviantart… in :iconorigin-organization: When you upload you're design please tell us a little about them. For example what kind of powers or weapons the use and what kind of personality traits they have.


There will be a winning design for each of Isavoir"s races. The chosen designs will be redrawn by me and be featured on our "The Races of Isavoire" section of the Desert Rain website (Which you can visit here You will be credited as the original designer and I will provide a high res version of you're redrawn character.


    1)   The character(s) must be brand new. Any pre-existing character is disqualified.

    2)   The character or story must fit the context of Isavoire as a whole. Isavoire is primarily fantasy based. Magic, swords, elemental control and the like are ideal. For a general frame of reference, please see either the “preview” or “epics” here, as well as the "cast" page:

    3)   Please submit information about your character. The more there is, the better the chance you will win. We want to get to know them.

    4)   In your submission’s description, you must link back to this journal with the rules or the :iconorigin-organization: group, as well as the official website:

    5)   Nothing sexually explicit will be considered for the contest

    6)   Backgrounds are helpful, but not necessary.

 Some examples of the characters in Desert Rain to help you guys get a feel as to what we are looking for Kenta Morcades by AzureBladeXIIIKei Sessara by AzureBladeXIIITula Serimar by AzureBladeXIIILazarus Rus Tuni by AzureBladeXIII

The Races:


The Humans:  The progenitors of all races, said to have appeared on Isavoire from seemingly nowhere. Humans are the most numerous and most nations are led by humans. The humans possess technological advancements over other races in some concentrated societies. They are innovators and inventors by and large, but some live simple lives, while others seek adventure and to hone their skills. Humans have untapped potential and have the fewest Syncralist (those born with innate elemental control).


Ellons: Animal eared people. Ellons are known for better instincts than the other races and slightly above human physical abilities. They are strictly based in mammals as far as non-human traits go and are good with emotional connection. They tend to value relationships and can hold onto a grudge if slighted. Overall they can be valued as judges of characters and loyal companions. Ellons are also the least likely to use magic; many Ellons are naturally wary of it.


Wynverians (Dragons): A durable and long lived race. They are actually able to transform between human and dragon. There are very few partial and half shifters. Wynverians tend to be bigger than other races, physically. Their size can manifest as them being taller, thicker, more chubby, or muscular, but overall they appear indistinguishable from humans at a glance. Their transformed state look like classic dragons. They live in mountains mostly and keep to themselves. They're incredibly tough, but have key weaknesses. Wynverians are the most likely to focus on honor and merit when dealing with others.


Flor: Plant-like people. The Flor tend to have darker skin and a single plant growing from their heads. They worship a primordial elemental called Gaea. Flor be very nature sensitive and are the only plant Syncralists that exist. They are also great healers and can influence growth of plants, too. Their head plants are crucial to their survival and they could potentially die without them. They can subsist on sunlight in lieu of food, and can breathe carbon dioxide.


Heofonites (Angels): They live in a society on the clouds, called Heofonia and were believed to be mythical. Secretive, they live even longer than dragons and are even stronger physically, but more frail. Their physical speed is also below humans and Ellons unless flying. They are fliers, some born with up to six wings. Most work as chroniclers or as Guardians (ones assigned to watch certain nations as a show of good faith). There are also Waywards who have curiosity and wanderlust, so they simply left their nation in the clouds.


Golems:  Worshippers of Gaia (alternative interpretation of the Flor’s Gaea), Golems are said to be formed by her and are earth given spirit. Coming in a variety of minerals and metals, Golems keep to themselves, largely secluded and living underground. Golems lack lifespan, do not breathe or eat, and many believe they are not truly alive. However, Golems have a rich history as defenders of their own kind and rarely act as instigators in conflict. Their appearances are various, with no two golems of the same type being exactly alike, and some golems are capable of using magic. There are a few who appear nearly human, but most races have no idea what significance this holds…


Qalairn (Genies): Qalairn are a secretive and hidden race, their numbers being within the thousands, they are known as the race of magic.  They are born with special birth markings and their sclera turn black if they tap into vast amounts of magic. They are able to create spells and weave them together in order to perform great feats. There are three tiers of Qalairn. These tiers have no names, but are recognized by magical potential. The Qalairn also have a secret magic of immortality, but only trusted members of the upper tier are taught it, and a modified version is used as a punishment for unruly Low Tier and Mid Tier members. This includes the creation of objects tied to them. So long as the object exists as a whole, the Qalairn will continue to exist, however, if someone else possesses or owns the object, the Qalairn is subject to them, regardless of tier.

Multiple entries are allowed but only one per race. (For example if you submitted a design for Flor your next entry must be for a different race)

The deadline will be Dec 10th so start brainstorming!

We encourage everyone to join regardless of your art skill. Presentation will be taken into account but what matters most is your imagination.

I look forward to seeing what kind of characters you guys make!

Thank you for reading.


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Well my name is Edgar. I like playing video games and drawing. I normally draw anime style characters but I won't mind drawing other things. I like being challenged to become better with my talent in art. I am a college student and im aiming at earning a degree in animation design in one of my city's colleges. Overall i'm a nice guy to talk to and hang out with. I also don't mind giving tips in drawing but keep in mind, I too am still learning. You never stop learning new things in art!

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Current Residence: Texas, United States
Favourite genre of music: 80's rock, rock, japanese music, techno,trance
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Personal Quote: Fantasy is not a crime.


strong gallery
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Alright! I'm starting to work on my commissions today before I go to work. Hopefully I can get one done before the weekend is out!
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